Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Removable Partial Dentures
Natural teeth are the main cornerstone of the architecture of human facial expressions and structure. Most of the everyday functions like eating, drinking, smiling, chewing and speaking are dependent upon the presence of teeth in the mouth. Loss of a single natural tooth can adversely affect the overall structure and function of human face. It results in social, functional and psychological trauma to the affected individuals. People want to get artificial teeth in order to carry out everyday functions with ease. The discipline of dental sciences which deals with the cure of these problems and replacement of lost natural teeth with artificial prosthesis is termed as Prosthodontics. With the research and advancements in the field of dentistry, a large number of prosthesis has been developed to achieve optimal replacement prosthesis. Among the most common and popular replacement treatment options are removable partial dentures, removable complete dentures, fixed partial dentures, crowns and bridges and dental implants.
Removable partial dentures carry out the replacement of one or more teeth in the same arch. Various factors can affect the choice of this replacement prosthesis. These can be outside the mouth or inside the oral cavity. Among the extra-oral factors influencing the choice of the removable partial denture replacement prosthesis are physical health, mental health, motivation of patient, patient age, dietary habits, occupation and socioeconomic factors. Facial musculature, salivary flow rate, residual alveolar ridge height and width, condition of the oral mucosa and presence of tori are the intraoral factors which can affect the choice of removable partial denture prosthesis.
Removable partial dentures are generally indicated for the replacement of several missing teeth in the same quadrant in both quadrants of the same arch. In small children, removable partial dentures can be used as a temporary replacement or space maintainer for missing or lost primary teeth. These can maintain the space until the eruption of successor permanent teeth. Some people do not like or wish to have fixed crown and bridge prosthesis or dental implants in their mouth. They find it easier to maintain good oral hygiene with removable appliances. Such patients benefit from removable partial dentures. In cases where people lose the supporting tissues of their natural teeth adjacent to the missing dentition, they can opt for removable partial dentures which can serve as a support to splint these periodontally compromised teeth.
However in certain circumstances and conditions, removable partial dentures are not considered suitable for replacement of lost teeth such as when large numbers of teeth are missing and there is a lack of suitable teeth in the arch to support, stabilize, and retain the removable prosthesis. Rampant caries or severe periodontal disease conditions which threaten the remaining teeth in the arch, a lack of patient acceptance for esthetic reasons and chronic poor oral hygiene of patient also preclude the use of removable partial dentures.
The fabrication and provision of a removable partial denture comprises of multiple visits to the dental professional’s office as it involves the expertise of the dentist as well as the involvement of dental laboratory technicians. The first visit to the dentist includes mainly record taking involving medical and dental history, prophylaxis, preliminary impressions, radiographs and photographs. Second appointment involves tooth preparation, final impression taking, bite registration and shade selection of the teeth. This stage is very important and a laboratory prescription is prepared at the end for the laboratory technicians. This helps the technicians in fabricating a well adjusted and state of the art prosthesis. A mutual coordination and cooperation is essential between the dentist and laboratory technician for construction of an optimum removable partial denture. Among the Kentucky and Tennessee dental labs, Russellville dental lab is providing good quality removable partial dentures for the last 6 decades now.
After fabrication of trial prosthesis in the laboratory, the dentist carries out a try in appointment to evaluate the fit, comfort, and function of the appliance and shade, mold and arrangement of teeth. Changes need to be made in the trial prosthesis are put in the lab prescription before sending it back.  Final prosthesis is constructed and the dentist schedules the insertion appointment. In the final appointment, occlusion, relationship with adjacent natural teeth and pressure spots are thoroughly checked. Prosthesis is polished and inserted in the patient’s mouth. Instructions are given for home care of the removable partial denture. Talk to your dentist about whether or not removable partial dentures are right for you, and tell them you heard about them from Russellville Dental Lab.  For further information regarding advancements in dental prosthesis visit our website at www.russellvilledental.com